Thursday, March 15, 2012


Dora (c) Kelsey Loy

Charlie (c) Kelsey Loy

The stray kitten I rescued from the sewer. (c) Kelsey Loy

I wouldn't call myself a "crazy cat lady" by any means; I actually enjoy dogs and cats equally well. I just happen to have more personal experience with cats. I like that in reality, they are really low maintenance (despite the fact that some act as though they are the "cat's meow"--pun intended!). They essentially clean themselves, they sleep a lot, they don't have to be taken on walks, or let out to use the bathroom. Their irresistible furriness and "motor-boat" purrrrrrr always get me, and I don't even mind the itchy eyes and sneezing their dander causes me!

I feel that I've had fairly good luck with the cats my family has owned as pets; Charlie (the striped one above) and Dora (the gray one) have been affectionate, and had nice personalities. Dora was more of a "cog"...A dog trapped in a cat's body. She was a rescue, and was the sweetest thing! She always greeted us at the door, tail wagging, flopping on the floor, demanding we scratch her belly. She would sit on command (if you rewarded her with treats), and she was also known to chase her tail. After a long illness, she is at peace, watching the birds now <3.

Charlie is my current "step-cat" (he was a package deal when my dad got re-married a few years ago). Chuckie-Puckie is entertaining to say the least. Even though he's 9-years-old, he's a giant "toddler." He gets into everything, demands attention, and is spoiled rotten. The cat gets SmartWater (not tap), and has everyone wrapped around his little finger...errr...I mean tail?!? He is incredibly endearing, however, and I will admit to falling into his trap the moment I walk through the door.

The other thing I like about cats: They make for some pretty cute photography subjects. Wouldn't you agree?

**I'd like to dedicate this post to my friend, Eryn, who is indeed a (self-described) "crazy cat lady." When you read it, I hope this post made you "Make'n da beescuits".  :-P 

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