Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amusement Park Rides

(c) Kelsey Loy
I love a good day at the amusement park! It's really one way that I take risks and am actually adventurous. I'm never scared to get on a roller coaster; I look forward to the drops and turns. I'm not afraid of heights, and love the thrill. I will ride anything and everything, and try to pack as much as possible into the day. This is a photo that I took of the largest Ferris wheel on the East Coast (in Wildwood, NJ). So much fun!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holding Hands

Okay, okay...I know some of you are going to roll your eyes while reading this "mushy" post; but another little thing that makes me happy is being able to hold hands with the guy I love. This picture is not of us, but rather two friends of mine. Seeing them walk side-by-side together reminded me just how lucky we both are to have caring, wonderful guys in our lives. While much of my year and a half long relationship has been spent long-distance, I couldn't feel any happier knowing the times we have spent together are that much more meaningful. I love how my fingers fit perfectly in his. I also love when he grabs my hand, holds on tight, and lingers when it's time to let go. It is something that I never take for granted!  

Monday, February 20, 2012

"BEEing" Busy

(c) Kelsey Loy
Sometimes I get wrapped up in the stress of student teaching, graduate classes, job applications, and everyday "stuff." I forget just how lucky I am to be busy! I am very blessed to have the opportunity for a wonderful education, and I am lucky to live in a country where I can grow up to be whatever I want to be. I also realize how important it is to "stop and smell the flowers" every now and then (hence, the reason I started this blog)! It is in those quiet, reflective moments that I can appreciate all that I have and refocus on my goals. I'm at the home stretch...just a little more than 2 months until graduation. I cannot wait to "use my wings!"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow and Ice

(c) Kelsey Loy
(c) Kelsey Loy

As a future teacher, I will admit to loving a good snow day! Unfortunately, this winter has only come to disappoint. These are two pictures from years past, but I wanted to post them to coax Mother Nature out of her Bipolar mood swings, and bring us the snow they are calling for today. So far, not so good. The sun is shining, and it was 57 degrees yesterday. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and my pajamas inside-out!


(c) Kelsey Loy
One of my favorite things in the whole world is a beautiful sunset. I'm fairly certain that this is the most glorious sunset that I have ever witnessed. I was riding back down to school, watching the rolling hills and farms of the Shenandoah Valley wiz past. The sky changed to every color, and the landscape was silhouetted along the horizon. I snapped this picture with my little Cannon Powershot, and was pleased that the image actually did the real thing justice. When I show this picture to people, they usually ask if it's real. I'm proud to say that this is how the picture came out of my camera; no Photoshop, no tricks, just a little bit of my handwork capturing some of God's.